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Retired Faculty Association

Serving the needs and interests of retired faculty.

RFA -- Mission and Goals

The mission of the Retired Faculty Association of Rutgers University is to further and promote the continued campus and community involvement and participation of retired faculty at Rutgers on the grounds that such involvement and participation is highly beneficial both to the University and to the individual faculty members.

The goals of the Retired Faculty Association include:

* Providing current and complete information on University services and benefits available to retired faculty and their spouses.

* Providing information to current faculty members regarding retirement issues through newsletters and the RFA website. The web site will provide links to other relevant electronic resources.

* Providing information to retirees on the life of the University, including opportunities to participate in activities.

* Acting as a resource and a clearinghouse of information on retiree expertise for units of the University and organizations in the community seeking participation from experienced retired faculty.

* Facilitating continuing contributions by retirees to the furtherance of the scholarly and professional objectives of the University.

* Sponsoring special sessions for retirees on intellectual, social and cultural issues.

* Publicizing activities and accomplishments of retired Rutgers faculty.

* Sponsoring educational programs relating to the interests and problems of retired persons.

* Communicating on behalf of retired faculty with representatives of the University, government and other groups affecting the welfare of retired persons.

* Working toward the development of a Retired Faculty Center to serve as a meeting place, information source and an informal drop-in location.

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