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Useful Contacts: Health and Healthcare

(Also check the Government Agencies section for listings of healthcare agencies.)

Consumer health information from the Harvard Medical School as well as the University of Pennsylvania's School of Dental Medicine is found at the InteliHealth site ( Click on anything from "Allergies" to "Weight Management" for useful information. This is an active site with discussions on current topics of interest. InteliHealth is a subsidiary of Aetna-U.S. Healthcare, and 150 top healthcare organizations contribute to the site.

A free website sponsored by HealthMetrix Research, Inc. ( offers independent cost comparisons for Medicare HMOs. Enter your ZIP code and search, or search by the name of a city. Over 100 Medicare HMOs are listed, from Aetna-U.S. Healthcare to WellCare. The site includes "Tips for Selecting a Medicare HMO" as well as links to other Medicare websites and Frequently Asked Questions (and answers).

The official U.S. government site for Medicare information ( covers the basics of Medicare, information to help you choose a nursing home, publications, helpful contacts, information on how to recognize and prevent fraud and abuse. Health plans and nursing homes in your area can be compared. Medicare participating physicians in your area are listed, as well as prescription assistance programs.

National Council on Aging ( Nonprofit group does research on aging issues and legislation on healthcare for the aging. Also engages in healthcare advocacy.

Yahoo Health Directory ( A good place to start your search for health information.

American Cancer Society ( Index on site provides links to information on care and treatment of cancer.

National Osteoporosis Foundation ( Prevention and treatment.

( provides ratings of doctors, dentists, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living residences and health plans.

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