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Retired Faculty Association

Serving the needs and interests of retired faculty.

RFA Association By-Laws

ARTICLE I -- Name of the Organization

The official name of the organization shall be The Rutgers University Retired Faculty Association. In second reference in any document, the organization may be referred to as "the RFA."

ARTICLE II -- Purpose of the Organization

The RFA will have as its goal the continuing involvement and participation of retired faculty at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, on the grounds that such involvement and participation is highly beneficial both to the University and to the individual faculty members. (Taken from DRAFT Mission Statement of the Faculty Retirement Task Force, 4/6/98)

ARTICLE III -- Membership

The membership of the RFA shall consist of all Rutgers faculty who have retired from the University (as determined by the Department of Human Resources), from any campus of Rutgers. Membership is maintained through the payment of annual dues at the appointed time. Members who do not pay their dues at the appointed time shall be dropped from membership after three months; they may be reinstated by the payment of current dues. Associate membership is available to:1) active faculty who wish to become involved with the organization prior to retirement; 2) faculty who have left the service of the university without officially taking retirement; 3) retired staff and administrators who have an affinity for the RFA and desire to participate in its activities, and 4) spouses of retired faculty.

Associate members shall pay dues, shall receive any notices or information send to members, and are entitled to participate in all RFA events and activities. Spouses of retired faculty shall not pay dues as long as the retired faculty member is living.

ARTICLE IV -- Officers of the Organization Section 1 The officers of the RFA shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The officers and the appointed chairs of the standing committees (Article VI) shall constitute the Executive Committee.In addition, there shall be an Executive Director of the RFA, selected by vote of the Executive Committee. Section 2 All officers shall be elected for terms of two years and until their successors are duly elected. Officers may succeed themselves if reelected. If the president leaves office before the term is completed, the vice president shall become president and a new vice president shall be elected. Section 3 The duties of the officers shall be as follows:A. President Shall call and preside at all meetings of the organization and act as the official spokesperson.Shall appoint committees as needed, and shall appoint chairs of the standing committees.Shall, along with the Executive Director, be authorized to make expenditures on behalf of the organization.Shall issue an annual report, which will be published on the RFA website and available in print at RFA meetings.B. Vice President Shall perform the duties of the president in the event of his or her absence, resignation, or inability to perform.C. Secretary Shall take the minutes of meetings of the membership and prepare them for publication on the website and in print form.D. Treasurer Shall be the chair of the Audit Committee and oversee the records kept by the Director to account for collections of dues and disbursements of funds.E. Executive Director Shall maintain the office of the RFA. Shall maintain liaison with the University administration and with university units, including Academic Affairs, the Department of Human Resources, the Office of Quality and Communication Improvement, the Rutgers University Foundation, and with other retiree organizations. Shall conduct the day-to-day business of the RFA, including responsibility for the website, for collecting and depositing dues, and for preparation of the budget and regular or annual reports requested by the officers or required by regulation.

Shall serve at the pleasure of the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE V -- Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers of the RFA, the chairs of standing committees, and the Executive Director of the RFA.

The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice a year to advise the president and to set policy for the RFA.

ARTICLE VI -- Standing Committees

The standing committees of the RFA shall be:* Executive Committee* Election and Membership Committee

* Program Committee

ARTICLE VII -- Meetings

Each spring there shall be a general membership meeting at which elections, as necessary, can be conducted, the president shall present an annual report, proposed changes to the by-laws may be voted upon, and the membership may discuss such questions and proposals as may be raised.At other times, the president may designate an event or gathering as a membership meeting for the purpose of discussing such business as any member wishes to raise.

Membership meetings may be conducted informally, but in the case of elections or when a member wishes to make a motion of substance, the meeting shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order, revised.


Dues shall be determined and regulated by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE IX -- Amendments

Proposals for amending the by-laws of the RFA shall be submitted in writing to the President for presentation to the membership for ratification.

ARTICLE X -- Dissolution

In the event there is insufficient membership to warrant continuation of the organization, the membership may vote to dissolve by majority vote, in which case any assets of the organization shall be contributed to Rutgers University to further the goals of other retiree organizations.

In the event the organization’s members, by majority vote, agree to merge the RFA with another retiree organization, the assets of the RFA shall be transferred to the new organization.

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