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Retired Faculty Association

Serving the needs and interests of retired faculty.

RFA Membership Benefits

University Human Resources (formerly the Division of Personnel Services) maintains a list of services and benefits available to retired faculty.

Included are special rates for athletic events, free transportation on the Campus Bus System, reduced rates on the Rutgers golf course, information about free parking permits, how to obtain an ID card, how to obtain a library card, discounted theater tickets, tuition remission policies, recreational facilities, counseling services and how to contact the University Condolence Fund to give notification of a colleague's death. Phone numbers are provided for all services and benefits.

You'll find the list of benefits in the menu at the left under "Perks, Policies and Procedures".

Here are some of the benefits of being an RFA member:

* Mailings concerning upcoming programs and events. In addition to RFA events, we will be partnering with other organizations, including The Rutgers Club, the Silver Knights retired staff organization and the AAUP Emeriti Assembly.

* Guest privileges at The Rutgers Club on the days of RFA events.

* Workshops on computers, estate planning, financial planning, personal fulfillment after retiring, consulting opportunities, health resources, volunteer opportunities, etc.

* Involvement in the RFA as an officer, a committee member, a program or event planner, or representative to other organizations.

* Networking and continued social interaction with colleagues. Exposure to people and ideas beyond your own discipline and interests.

* Something to tell your family, friends and neighbors when they ask, "What are you doing with yourself?" Reply: "I'm active in the Retired Faculty Association of Rutgers University."

* An opportunity to build toward the day when Rutgers has a Capstone Center -- a building dedicated to the furtherance of our ongoing pursuits and our continuing relationship with the University community.


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