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Serving the needs and interests of retired faculty.

RFA Perks, Policies and Procedures

Listed below are many of the perquisites (services and benefits) available to retired faculty members, along with the policies and procedures for obtaining desired “perks.”

No promise is made by virtue of the statements in this section, but every attempt has been made to verify the accuracy of the information with the administration of the university and with the departments and programs responsible for providing services and benefits.

If you have additional or new information, or if you believe we need to update our information, please contact the Retired Faculty Association:

Items are listed alphabetically.  Click on the ones that interest you.

Athletic Events

Auditing Courses



Bus Transportation

Computer Accounts

Credit Union

Defensive Driving Course

Dining Halls


“Emeritus” Status

“Flower Fund”

Golf Course

Health Insurance

Health Coverage for Spouse after Faculty Member Dies

ID Card

Letterhead/Business Cards


Parking Permits

Personnel Counseling Service

Retired Faculty Luncheon

Rutgers Club

RU Express Card (Formerly Knight Express Card)

Rutgers Focus

Surplus Property

TIAA-CREF Appointments

Treasurer’s Luncheon



When contacting the Ticket Office at 1-866-445-4678, identify yourself as a retired faculty member and inquire about special rates.



New Jersey citizens age 62 and over are eligible to audit regular Rutgers courses year-round as no cost and for no credit. Exceptions to the policy are small studio courses, computer courses, and courses where the enrollment capacity has been met by registered students. The process of obtaining permission is somewhat complicated, but the Office of Community Affairs will assist in obtaining a parking permit for the period when the course is taken. Call Kay Schechter at 848-932-7823, Ext. 682 for a complete list of rules and procedures and to obtain an application form. Or contact her online at .  Course schedules are available online at Or send a 10 x 13 self-addressed envelope with $1.60 in postage affixed to: Rutgers University Scheduling Office, ASB III, Room 116, 3 Rutgers Plaza, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.



For information about benefits enjoyed by retired faculty, visit the Human Resources website: or contact benefits at 848-932-3999, (See also “Health Insurance” below.)



Campus bookstores are open to the public.  For services such as special-ordering books, call 732-246-8448 in New Brunswick, 609-225-6006 in Camden and 973-353-5377 in Newark.  Books by faculty are displayed in a special section; contact the bookstore to inform them about your book(s).



Retirees are eligible to ride the campus bus system in the New Brunswick area. Just board the desired bus; no need for a ticket or an ID.  For information on bus routes, call 848-932-7817.



If you are not able to maintain your computer account through your department, you are eligible for a “guest account” through the Rutgers Computing Services (RUCS) if you had 10 years or more of service at Rutgers. The guest account may be renewed each year in May.  The application form is on the RUCS website: or you may obtain the form by calling Human Resources at 848-932-4800.  The form is returned to Human Resources, which verifies your retired status and then forwards it to RUCS, which will then assist you in creating your e-mail address.




Retired faculty may retain their Rutgers Federal Credit Union accounts, and may open an account even if not a member while employed by the university.  For information and application form, call the Busch Campus branch at 732-445-3050, the College Avenue branch at 732-932-7645 or 973-353-1353 in Newark.



Active and retired faculty may enroll in the National Safety Council defensive driving course, which may result in auto insurance discounts for three years to those who complete it successfully.  The course is offered by the Rutgers Department of  Fire and Emergency Service.  Call 732-445-4902 for information on enrolling.  Contact your insurer for information about discounts.



University dining halls on all campus are open to retirees upon presentation of the ID card.  Payment may be made in cash or debited from the Knight Express Card.  (For info, see “Knight Express Card” below.)



Retired faculty are listed (name and address only) in a special section of the Rutgers Faculty/Staff Directory.  When the directory is published in the spring, the RFA obtains copies which are sold to members for $2 at RFA events or mailed first class for $5.



Rutgers University confers emeritus status on all retired faculty members who have served in a full-time professorial position at the university for ten years or more, or as a full professor at the university for at least five years, plus a sufficient number of years in a professiorial capacity in another accredited university or college to make a total of ten years.  Emeritus status is granted automatically when Human Resources notifies the administration of the university that a person has retired and is qualified.  The emeritus faculty member receives a congratulatory letter from the president of the university and a framed certificate of appreciation. The emeritus title may be used only if the letter and certificate are conferred.  July 1 retirees usually receive their letters and certificates in August.



The University Condolence Fund, commonly referred to as the “Flower Fund,” is used to express sympathy on the passing of active or retired faculty.  In addition to a floral tribute, the flag in front of Old Queens is flown at half-staff and a sympathy note is sent to the family on behalf of the university community.  To notify the university of a colleague's death and funeral arrangements, call 848-932-7434. Donations to the Fund may be sent to the Office of the, Secretary of the University, 7 College Avenue, Winants Hall, Room 112, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1260.



Retirees may use the golf course by presenting a retiree photo ID card, and may pay with the Knight Express card (see below).  Reduced rates are available to retirees on weekdays. Call 732-445-2631 for same-day reservations.  Call 1-800-883-5674 for all other reservations or for information.



Full-time retirees who accrued 25 years of pension-credit service by July 1, 1997, may qualify for free health insurance at retirement.  Those who accrue 25 years after July 1, 1997, will be subject to the same premium sharing language that is in effect for active faculty at the time he or she reaches 25 years of service.  Those who retire with less service may participate in the health insurance plan by paying the full cost of the group premium. Information may be obtained by calling the New Jersey Division of Pensions and Benefits at 609-292-3072 or visiting their website:


 “Your spouse’s coverage under a retired faculty member’s health plan will end at the end of the month in which you die.  However, your spouse will be sent a letter and application offering continuation of coverage (s)he had prior to your death (though s/he will have to pay for it even if the prior health coverage was free).  Your spouse will be re-enrolled for coverage under his/her own name and Social Security number, without a break in coverage, upon receipt of the completed and signed application.”  This wording is taken from the state’s fact sheet, which can be found along with other information on the website at:  Or, if you have questions, call 609-292-7525 for assistance.


Retirees will be mailed a new ID card shortly after retirement. Unlike ID cards issued to faculty on the payroll, the retiree card is marked “Indefinite” and there is no expiration date.  Paper ID cards may be exchanged for a plastic photo ID card with magnetic strip.

The magnetic strip facilitates electronic checkout from any Rutgers library. The card also can be used at recreational facilities.  Because it can double as a “Knight Express” card (see below), it can be used as a debit card at The Rutgers Club, the golf course, bookstores -- even vending machines on campus.  For information on where to obtain the enhanced card, phone the “RU Connection” office:  732-445-6949 in New Brunswick (Busch Campus), 973-353-5873 in Newark, 609-225-6161 in Camden.  Or visit the website: or visit the Faculty/Staff section of the Rutgers website and click on “ID Card.”



This feature can be added to your plastic photo ID card, or the RU Express card can be a stand-alone card -- which makes it a suitable gift for a student or colleague.  To obtain the “debit card” feature, go to Records Hall 102 on the College Avenue Campus, obtain the form for the card, then pay the cashier any amount you desire to fund the card. The RU Express card then is issued with the amount you paid.  Each time you use the card at The Rutgers Club, a bookstore, a dining hall, or the golf course, the amount of funds available is reduced by the amount you spend.  Call 732-932-8041 or see for information.



Mailing and Document Services will print Rutgers letterheads ($39.20 for 500) and envelopes ($42.70 for 500) with up to three lines of address material.  Business cards range from $39 to $62 for 500 depending on features such as red/scarlet ink for the logo. Call 732-445-2143 for information. Payment may be made by personal check. Proofs can be sent and returned by e-mail.  If you wish to save money by creating your own letterhead on your computer, contact the RFA director ( and he will send you (as an e-mail attachment) a copy of the Rutgers logo that you can keep in your electronic files.



Retired faculty may use their ID card to obtain library services.  Check at the circulation desk of individual libraries to find what services they make available to retired faculty.



Good News!  Remember paying a fraction of your salary for parking permits while you were on the payroll?  For retirees, the permits are free, they’re good for two years, and renewal can be handled by mail. You’ll need to visit the parking office one time in order to fill out the form and show your retiree ID card.  To check on location and hours, call 848-932-7744 in New Brunswick, 973-353-5873 in Newark, or 609-225-6137 in Camden.



Professional assistance for retired faculty facing mental, marital or relationship problems will find professional assistance available at 60 College Avenue in New Brunswick.  Call 848-932-7884 for information.



On the first Friday in May and the first Friday in October, the Retired Faculty Luncheon is held at Neilson Commons on the Cook-Douglass campus, usually at 1 p.m. This event is open to all faculty retirees, spouses or companions, and spouses of deceased faculty.  The charge is $12.50 for lunch and a speaker of interest to retirees. To join the mailing list, contact Katheryne McCormick, 938 River Road, Piscataway, NJ  08854 (



Retired faculty are eligible to join The Rutgers Club, the dining facility at  199 College Avenue.  Full-year memberships are $25 and entitle the member to dine, drink and entertain at the club, and also to book dining and meeting rooms for special events.  A half-year membership at $12.50 is offered to those who join after February 1.  The club offers several special evening dining and entertainment events throughout the school year. Call 848-932-6550 for information.



The faculty-staff newsletter currently is sent at no cost to members of the Retired Faculty Association.  Subscriptions at $14 a year are available to others.  Call 732-932-7084, Ext.603.



Surplus Property, a unit of Material Services, sells used Rutgers office furniture at bargain basement prices. Among the items available are desks, tables, chairs, filing cabinets and bookcases. Surplus property is located at 31 Postal Plaza, on the Livingston Campus in Piscataway -- that’s the southeastern corner of the barracks area.  Hours are 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The telephone number is 732-445-2255.




Faculty enrolled in the TIAA-CREF retirement program may arrange for an on-campus half-hour private appointment to discuss asset allocation or any other facet of retirement planning. Call TIAA-CREF’s regional office at 1-800-842-8412 between 9 a.m and 4 p.m. weekdays, or visit the website:



Retired faculty may attend the monthly (during the academic year) treasurer’s luncheon, help at Neilson Dining Hall on the Cook-Douglass Campus. Speakers talk about various university-related topics. The cost of the lunch is $7. Call 732-932-7864 for information and reservations.



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