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Duff & Phelps Utilities Income, Inc.

Account # 0000123456 Contact: Customer Service, 1-800-432-0000

D&P is a holding company that invests in utility stocks. Shareholders can purchase from $100 to $5,000 in shares each month. Share prices fluctuate. In the time we have been holding D&P, the share price has been as low as $7.45 and as high as $10.88.

A dividend is paid each month and is reinvested in shares unless we request that it be sent to us. The year’s dividends are declared as dividend income.

Mary Dough received 500 shares of D&P as an inheritance from her father. The certificate for the 500 shares was received July 10, 1972, and the price of D&P at the time of inheritance was $8.60. The remaining 24,500 shares have been accumulated through occasional investment and regular dividends. All are documented in the folder marked "D&P -- Mary Dough."

This investment is in the name of Mary Dough. The beneficiary is John Dough, and the contingent beneficiary is the Ourtown Community Fund.