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Rutgers Provides Retirees Places for Memorial Services

The RFA has long advocated planning for retirement and beyond. On our website you can find sections on estate planning and how to write your obituary while you're still alive to spare your loved ones of the task during times of stress and grieving.

Another area where advanced planning can be helpful is the preparation of arrangements for a memorial service. For many retired faculty, the idea of having such an event on campus is particularly attractive. On the College Avenue Campus in New Brunswick, Kirkpatrick Chapel -- associated with the Mason Gross School of the Arts because many concerts are held in the chapel -- is the place of choice for a memorial service. It has seating for 650 persons, but it is comfortable for smaller groups.

To learn about the chapel and read answers to frequently asked questions about it, go to the website: . If you have more questions, call  Kirkpatrick Operations Manager Patrick Cogan at 732-932-7808. His e-mail address is .

The usual fee for use of the chapel for 90 minutes is $400, but retired faculty may use the chapel for free during weekday hours. If you need someone to vouch for you, it can be your unit at Rutgers, or it can be the director of the RFA.

Those desiring to hold a memorial service on the Newark campus should call the Robeson Student Center reservations office at 973-353-5568. There is no chapel, but services may be held in the Center's Multipurpose Room. (A reservation form can be found online at .) For the Camden , campus call the Campus Center at 856-225-6161 and ask for Facilities Use Conference Services.

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