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Retired Faculty Association

Serving the needs and interests of retired faculty.

Our Partner Retirement Organizations

Our Partnering Retirement Organizations The Retired Faculty Association of Rutgers University works with other retirement groups to achieve the synergy that results from continuous communication and an exchange of ideas that can benefit organizations with similar goals. Here are the groups with which we have an affinity and an affiliation.

The AAUP Emeriti Assembly of Rutgers University

The Rutgers AAUP Emeriti Assembly was established in 1996 by Professor Richard Wasson. He felt the need for retired faculty to assemble and form a communication network, including a newsletter, in order to sustain and enhance personal, intellectual and University interests through meetings, special programs and cooperation with other groups.

The national office of the American Association of University Professors suggested the title “Emeriti Assembly.” The Rutgers AAUP office is at 11 Stone Street, New Brunswick, NJ, 08901-1113. It subsidizes the retiree group and furnishes meeting space and clerical assistance. An annual fee of $10 for membership dues helps to cover operating expenses. The telephone number is 732-964-1000 and the e-mail address is Faculty and spouses or partners are welcome at all events.

At the same time the Emeriti Assembly was forming, several of its members were invited to serve on a task force appointed by the Rutgers University administration to plan for the organization that became the Retired Faculty Association of Rutgers University (RFA). Two of the original officers of the RFA were also Emeriti Assembly members, and the director of the RFA joined the Emeriti Assembly and attends its meetings. Each year, the two organizations co-sponsor at least one meeting, and the officers coordinate their scheduling of meetings and events to prevent conflicts.

Silver Knights Staff Retirees Association

The primary goal of the Silver Knights is to represent the interests of retirees to Rutgers and to the state, and to keep staff retirees involved with the university. Annual dues are $10. Membership benefits include the Silver Knights Herald newsletter, which provides information about retirement issues, news about the university, and information about services and benefits for retirees. The organization’s website provides additional information:

The Silver Knights hold fall and spring luncheons with speakers from the university. They make group visits to theaters, historical sites, museums and concerts. Members participate with a hospitality tent and display at Homecoming in the fall and march in the Reunion Weekend parade in the spring. The officers and committee chairs communicate with representatives of the university, government and other groups affecting the welfare of retirees.

The mailing address is Silver Knights, c/o University Human Resources, Rutgers, The State University, 57 US Highway 1, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8554.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Rutgers University (OLLI-RU)

OLLI-RU is designed for citizens 50 and over who want to continue their learning experience and share knowledge with others. OLLI-RU is a noncompetitive, noncredit education that is stimulating, friendly and informal. There are no test and no grades. Membership fees are charged for 5-week and 10-week sessions and most participants take two courses. Members teach the courses, which are offered in Highland Park, New Brunswick and Freehold. Members also participate by serving on committees, volunteering to do administrative work, and preparing rooms and audio-visual aids for classes.

Since its inception in 1993 with four courses, it has grown to offer upwards of 200 courses per year. It has received several grants and endowments, of which the largest is from the Bernard Osher Foundation. OLLI-RU is a department of, and is supported in part by, the Rutgers University Division of Continuous Education and Outreach. Several members of the RFA are members of and teachers for OLLI-RU, and the RFA director serves on the organization’s Advisory Council and long-range planning committee.

To obtain the organization’s catalog of courses and registration forms, write to OLLI-RU, 55 Commercial Avenue, 2nd Floor, Suite 201, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, or e-mail to, or call 732-932-7233.

Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Retired Faculty Association

The Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, a unit of the University of Medicine and Dentistry (UMDNJ), founded its Retired Faculty Association in 2008. The director of the Rutgers RFA spoke to the leaders of the group during the formation process and provided them with materials such as the RU/RFA bylaws and the history of the development of the Rutgers organization. One of the officers of the RWJMS group joined the RU/RFA in order to observe our processes and receive our newsletter.

Early in 2009, the RU/RFA put on a program to discuss the issue of health care in the United States, with the intention of sending our findings to the Obama team assigned to advise the president on health care. The facilitator of that session then responded to an invitation from the RWJMS/RFA to repeat the presentation and discussion for their group. Contact information: Barbara Brodsky ( and Paul Manowitz (

Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE)

Incorporated in 2002 as a nonprofit member association, AROHE meets critical needs for colleges and universities by helping them build vital connections with an exploding population of exiting faculty and staff. It is an international organization, with several schools in Canada represented. One of the most important contributions it makes is to hold a biennial conference with speakers, panel discussions, roundtable sessions, exhibits and networking luncheons where information is exchanged.

Its newsletter, “The Next Chapter,” features articles on what retiree groups at other campuses are doing, a valuable resource for newer groups. It maintains an electronic mailing list and anyone with a question can get responses from other members. The director of the Rutgers RFA has made a presentation at one conference and has provided guidance and materials to several colleagues via the electronic list.

Contact information: AROHE, 3715 McClintock Avenue, Suite 220, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0791; website:; e-mail:; phone (213) 740-8921  


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